Visakha Puja Day

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Visakha Puja is celebrated throughout Thailand with great religious fervour on 15th day of the increasing moon in the 6th lunar month. Visakha Puja is a holiday in Thailand.

The Visakha Puja is celebrated to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. On this day Religious flags are flown all over and religious ceremonies are performed across the country.

On this day people spend their whole day in religious activities. People go to temples to listen to sermons delivered by revered monks. They get up early in the morning to prepare food and sweets for the monks on Visakha Puja.

Buddhists from all over the country try to participate in this ceremony. If you are in Bangkok, or Thailand, on this day than this is the right time to know more about life of Lord Buddha.

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Visakha Puja Day
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